SD-WAN is fundamentally about efficiency. It comes down to giving the people who work for you the tools they need to compete and win on a global stage – the ultimate responsibility of upper management. It touches your customers too – in a situation where network capacity becomes limited for whatever reason, SD-WAN gives you the power to prioritize bandwidth, ensuring that the applications most critical to customer experience don’t skip a beat.

Software-Defined - Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a combination of technologies designed to offer a simpler approach to the WAN. It’s being driven largely by the decreasing cost of bandwidth and the increase in cloud applications that reside outside of the legacy data center. SD-WAN can be deployed over existing WAN connections, whether they are Internet (DIA, broadband, LTE) or private (MPLS, private line), in order to create a secure, private, fully meshed network. It offers simplified management, quicker turnup, better application performance, improved resiliency, and cost savings when compared to traditional approaches.


  • Branch Connectivity - SD-WAN can also help accelerate connectivity by enabling branches to use the optimal network transport for specific types of traffic.
  • Cloud Connectivity - SD-WAN can transport data directly from the branch to the cloud, providing the most direct route for cloud-based applications.
  • Security - SD-WAN offers security capabilities such as application-based firewalls, intrusion prevention, URL filtering and other unified threat management capabilities, which allow organizations the opportunity to move to a decentralized security model.
  • Visibility into Network Operations and Traffic - SD-WAN provides administrators with a bird’s-eye view of the network, so they can easily pinpoint issues in the network and take immediate steps toward resolution.
  • Application Control and SLAs for Quality of Service - Using application-aware QoS capabilities in SD-WAN solutions, administrators can prioritize mission-critical applications and deprioritize less important apps to ensure that critical applications have the performance they need.
  • Centralized Management - SD-WAN solutions shift the network’s control plane from individual branch and data center routers to a central tool, enabling administrators to see across the network and manage it simply by centrally pushing out policies to branches.
  • Support for a Cloud-First Strategy - branch and cloud connectivity, security, visibility into network traffic, application prioritization and centralized management — come together to make SD-WAN the right solution to support the cloud-first strategies deployed by many organizations.

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